Wholeheartedly agree. We think non-fiction is superior and more "adult" of us to invest in, when fictional books can refine us as people just as much as non-fictional works can. Thank you for this!

Redefining our priorities for a post-pandemic era.

Image accredited to artist: Weronika Anna Marianna

“Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life.

But poetry, beauty, romance, love…these are what we stay alive for.”

— Dead Poets Society (1989)

Deny it all you want, but this world still prizes the masculine. But I’m not speaking about men in particular here, or any specified gender at all.

By “masculine”, I refer to the Greco-Roman goddess Athena, and all that she has historically exemplified. She is the go-getter of what she wants, the strategizer, the thinker, the mental faculty and sharp intellect. She is what’s practical and within reason, and she is…

Call it for what it really is: Easy Orientalism

image accredited to artist: Kat Hassan [https://www.instagram.com/kat_hassan_draws/?hl=en]

You’re meditating with crystals in your altar-ish bedroom, with a Himalayan salt-lamp placed right next to your tarot cards and a yoga mat. Succulent plants (plastic) sit on the windowsill, right beneath your hanging fairy lights. To the left, I find a poster saying “Nama-slay” or “Namastay-in-Bed”. And of course the bookshelf is decked with “Law of Attraction” guides, and half-hearted attempts at explaining the Chakras and Reiki healing.

Welcome to the contemporary spiritual movement that is New-Ageism.

Now let’s make this absolutely clear: I’m not here to attack any of these practices in and of itself.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with these practices — with doing yoga, or saying “love and light” to every person you meet. …

Here’s what you can do to stay both safe and sane

image accredited to https://www.instagram.com/aolanow/ (artist: Alessandra Olanow)

DISCLAIMER: This article pertains strictly to those who are dealing with a difficult home situation and/or individuals, and may not provide sufficient aid for extreme cases of domestic violence and abuse. If you feel unsafe by any means, please look into the available resources and helplines that are still offered amidst the pandemic.

It can be frustrating and beyond painful to be trapped indoors with a narcissistic parent, guardian, partner, sibling, or roommate in an environment that’s always felt toxic and largely unsafe.

It’s painful beyond words.

And what you will have to face in the upcoming weeks (months, even)…

(Other than the whopping student debt, of course)

  1. You’ll meet around 347858245 people — you can’t expect them all to stay. If someone decides to leave, wish them well and remain thankful for the lessons they’ve brought you.
  2. “You will be tested in the same way every time until you learn your lesson.”
  3. Substitute your fear with curiosity. This way, everything will feel lighter and happier in the process.
  4. Please, remain curious and stay “teachable”. Keep wanting to learn about yourself, the world, its people, and anything that ignites your interest.
  5. Your grades and opportunities will come and go, but…


Content writing, instructional design, classical Indian dance — I tell stories in every way I can.

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